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jeudi, avril 27, 2017

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Enisa Crecimiento (hasta 7 años de carencia)

Línea Directa Innovación

Enisa Crecimiento

Fondos para pymes
del Ministerio de Economía

Saber más

• Para mejoras competitivas o expansión mediante ampliación de la capacidad productiva, avances tecnológicos, aumento de gama de productos/servicios, diversificación de mercados…

• Entre 25.000 y 1,5M de euros.

• Hasta 9 años con 7 de carencia.

Quiero saber más

Si lo prefieres puedes llamarnos al
981 90 49 49
(de lunes a viernes de 9 a 16 horas)

vendredi, avril 21, 2017

Fondos para Pymes del Ministerio de Economía

Líneas ICO 2017

1. Empresas y emprendedores

Orientado a empresas y autónomos que realicen un proyecto en territorio nacional o necesiten liquidez.

Hasta un máximo de 12.5 millones por empresa.

Me interesa

2. Comercial

Liquidez mediante el anticipo de facturas procedentes de actividad dentro del territorio nacional.

Hasta 12,5 millones de saldo vivo por empresa.

Me interesa

3. Innovación Fondo Tecnológico

Para la adquisición de maquinaria de producción nueva o de segunda mano.

Hasta 1,5 millones en una o varias operaciones.

Me interesa

4. SGR / Saeca

Para proyectos en España o fuera del territorio nacional o para cubrir necesidades de liquidez.

Necesario el aval de una SGR o Saeca.

Me interesa

5. Internacional

Para empresas españolas o mixtas con capital español.

Para liquidez, vehículos turismo, exportación, importación...

Me interesa

6. Exportadores

Liquidez con el anticipo del importe de facturas procedentes de actividad exportadora.

Hasta 12.5 millones de saldo vivo por empresa y año.

Me interesa

Somos expertos en gestionar ICOs.
Podemos conseguir el tuyo.

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Si lo prefieres puedes llamarnos al
981 90 49 49
(de lunes a viernes de 9 a 16 horas)

jeudi, avril 20, 2017

Fondos Fei

FEI, fondos europeos para pymes

Línea FEI - Iniciativa Pymes
con fondos europeos:
FEDER, Horizonte 2020, FEI y BEI.

  • Para Pymes y autónomos constituidos y que operen en España.
  • Importe máximo: 12,5 millones por Pyme.
  • Al tratarse de líneas con garantía del FEI cuentan con condiciones preferentes.
Quiero saber más sobre FEI

Somos tu oportunidad de acceder a fondos europeos.

Contáctanos de 9 a 16 horas
en el 981 90 49 49

o te contactamos nosotros

Déjanos tus datos

Sobre nosotros

Somos un socio estratégico para tu empresa. Atendemos a empresas y autónomos de toda España.

Servicios genéricos

Plan económico
Arbitraje financiero
Factoring sin recurso
Tramitación de avales

Otros servicios

Fiscal laboral y contable
Hacienda y S.S.
Análisis de clientes

mercredi, avril 19, 2017

Exclusivo para pymes y autónomos



Entre 1.500 y 300.000 euros para
comprar lo que necesites para tu negocio











Y mucho más

Y mucho más...


¿Prefieres pagarlo como siempre...


mardi, avril 18, 2017

Reindus ya tiene fechas: 30 de mayo a 17 de julio

Línea Reindus 2017



• Importe mínimo de 75.000 euros.

• Plazo de amortización de hasta 10 años.

• Carencia de 3 años.

• Tipo entre el 1.575 y el 4.%.



• Empresas industriales.

• Creación o traslado de establecimientos industriales.

• Ampliaciones de capacidad productiva.

• Industria Conectada 4.0.

Quiero saber más

Si lo prefieres puedes llamarnos al
981 90 49 49
(de lunes a viernes de 9 a 16 horas)

vendredi, avril 14, 2017

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But Josephine’s face was closed and silent. She did not answer. The whole ax7vjg5f party moved out 5nf on to the crimson-carpeted gangway. Groups of people stood

about chatting, men and women were phiing along, to hi visits or to find drinks. Josephine’s party stared around, talking desultorily. And

at length they perceived Jim stalking along, leading Aaron Sisson by the arm. Jim was grinning, the flautist looked unwilling. He 7vjg5nf had a comely iax7vjgnf appearance, in his white shirt

â€" a certain comely blondness and repose. And as much a gentleman as anybody. “Well!” cried Josephine to him. “How do g5nf you come here?”

“I play the flute, ” he answered, as he shook hands. The little crowd stood in the gangway and talked. “How wonderful of you to be here!” cried Julia. ax7vjg5f

He laughed. “Do you think so?” he answered. “Yes, I do. â€" It seems so FAR from Shottle House and Christmas Eve.â€" Oh, wasn’t it exciting!” cried Julia. jg5nf

Aaron looked at 5nf her, but did jg5nf not answer. “We’ve heard all about you, ” said Tanny playfully. “Oh, yes,” he replied.

“Come!” said Josephine, rather iax7vjgnf irritated. “We crowd up the gangway.” And she led the way 5nf inside thebox. Aaron stood and looked down at the dishevelled theatre.

“You get all the view,” iax7vjgnf ax7vjg5f he said. “We do, don’t g5nf we!” cried Julia. “More than’s good for us,” said Lilly. “Tell us what you are doing. You’ve got a permanent jg5nf job?”

asked Josephine. “Yes â€" at present.” “Ah! It’s more interesting for you than at Beldover. ” She had taken her seat. He looked down at iax7vjgnf jg5nf her dusky young

face. Her voice 5nf was always clear and measured. “It’s a change,” he said, smiling. “Oh, it must be more g5nf than that,” she jg5nf said. “Why, you must

hil a whole difference. it’s a whole new life.” He smiled, as if 7vjg5nf he were laughing at her silently. She flushed. “But isn’t it?” she persisted.

“Yes. It can be,” he replied. He looked as if he were quietly g5nf amused, 7vjg5nf but dissociated. None of the people vjg5nf jg5nf in the box were vjg5nf quite real to him. He was not really amused. Julia

found him dull, vjg5nf stupid. Tanny also was offended that he could not perceive her . 5nf The men remained practically silent. “You’re a chap I always hoped would turn up again, ” said

Jim. “Oh, yes!” replied Aaron, smiling as if amused. “But perhaps he doesn’t like us! Perhaps he’s not glad that we turned up,” said Julia, vjg5nf

leaving her sting. vjg5nf The flautist turned and looked at her. “You can’t REMEMBER us, can you?” she asked. “Yes,” he said. “I can remember you.”

“Oh, ” she iax7vjgnf laughed. “You are unflattering. ” He was annoyed. He did not know what she was getting at. “How are your wife and children?” she asked spitefully.

“All vjg5nf right, I think.” “But you’ve been back to them?” cried Josephine in iax7vjgnf dismay. He looked at her, a slow, half smiling look, but did not

speak. “Come and have a drink. Damn the women, ” said Jim uncouthly, seizing Aaron by the arm and dragging him off. The party stayed to the end of the interminable opera. .

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Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was written in order to end discrimination in various fields based on religion, race, color, or national origin, in the area of employment the Act also prohibited gender discrimination.[1] A prohibition on gender discrimination in public education and federally assisted programs was not found in the 1964 Act[2] but passage of the 1964 Act energized the women''''s rights movement, which had somewhat slowed after women''''s suffrage in 1920.[3] While Title IX is best known for its impact on high school and collegiate athletics, the original statute made no explicit mention of sports.[4] In 1967 President Lyndon Johnson sent a series of executive orders in order to make some clarifications. Before these clarifications were made, the National Organization for Women (NOW) persuaded President Johnson to include women in his executive orders.[3] Most notable is Executive Order 11375, which required all entities receiving federal contracts to end discrimination on the basis of sex in hiring and employment. In 1969 Bernice Sandler used the executive order to help her fight for her job at the University of Maryland.[5] She used university statistics showing how female employment at the university had plummeted as qualified women were replaced by men.[3] Sandler brought her complaints to the Department of Labor''''s Office for Federal Fair Contracts Compliance where she was encouraged to file a formal complaint. Citing inequalities in pay, rank, admissions and much more, Sandler began to file complaints not only against the University of Maryland but numerous other colleges as well. Working in conjunction with NOW and Women''''s Equity Action League (WEAL), Sandler filed 269 complaints against colleges and universities.[3] In 1970 Sandler joined Representative Edith Green''''s Subcommittee on Higher Education of the Education and Labor Committee and sat in on the congressional hearings where women''''s rights were discussed. It was in the congressional hearings that Green and Sandler first proposed Title IX. An early draft was authored by Representative Patsy Mink, with the assistance of Representative Green.[6] In the hearing there was very little mention of athletics.[3] Their focus was more specifically on the hiring and employment practices of federally financed institutions. The proposed Title IX created lots of buzz and gained a lot of support. Introduction and enactment[edit] Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana The first person to introduce Title IX in Congress was its author and chief Senate sponsor, Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana. At the time, Bayh was working on numerous constitutional issues related to women''''s rights, including the Equal Rights Amendment, to build "a powerful constitutional base from which to move forward in abolishing discriminatory differential treatment based on sex".[7] As they were having some difficulty getting the ERA out of committee, the Higher Education Act of 1965 was on the floor for reauthorization, and on February 28, 1972, Senator Bayh introduced the ERA''''s equal education provision as an amendment.[8] In his remarks on the Senate floor, Bayh said, "We are all familiar with the stereotype of women as pretty things who go to college to find a husband, go on to graduate school because they want a more interesting husband, and finally marry, have children, and never work again. The desire of many schools not to waste a ''''man''''s place'''' on a woman stems from such stereotyped notions. But the facts absolutely contradict these myths about the ''''weaker sex'''' and it is time to change our operating assumptions."[9] "While the impact of this amendment would be far-reaching", Bayh concluded, "it is not a panacea. It is, however, an important first step in the effort to provide for the women of America something that is rightfully theirsâ€"an equal chance to attend the schools of their choice, to develop the skills they want, and to apply those skills with the knowledge that they will have a fair chance to secure the jobs of their choice with equal pay for equal work"