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samedi, décembre 03, 2016

Letter From Santa For Your Child

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Letter From Santa For Your Child
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“You mean to go down to Dorset alone!” said Struthers. “Why not?” replied Robert, v0xj answering iv0xj for her. “And stay how long?”

“Oh iv0xj â€" iv0xj as long as z6iv0xj it lasts, ” said Robert again. “Starting with eternity,” said Lilly, “and working back to a fortnight.”

“And what’s the iv0xj matter?â€" looks bad in the z6iv0xj eyes of the world?” “Yes â€" about that. Afraid of compromising herself â€"” Lilly looked at 138z6ivxj them.

“Depends z6iv0xj what you take the world to mean. Do you mean us in this box, or the crew outside there?” he jerked his head towards the auditorium.

“Do you think, Lilly, that we’re the world?” said Robert ironically. “Oh, yes, I guess we’re z6iv0xj shipwrecked in this z6iv0xj box, like Robinson Crusoes. And what we do

on our own little island matters tous alone. As for the infinite crowds of howlingsavages outside there in the unspeakable, all you’ve got z6iv0xj

to do is mind they don’t scrap you.” “But WON’T they?” 0xj said Struthers. “Not unless you put your head in their hands,” said Lilly. “I don’t know â€"” said 38z6iv0j Jim.

But the curtain had risen, they hushed him into v0xj z6iv0xj silence. All through the next scene, Julia puzzled 6iv0xj herself, as to whether she should go down 138z6ivxj to

the country and live with Scott. v0xj She had carried on a nervous kind of amour with him, based on soul sympathy and emotional excitement. But

whether to go and live with him? 138z6ivxj She didn’t know if she wanted to or not: and she couldn’t for her life find out. She was in that nervous state when desire seems to evaporate the

moment fulfilment is offered. When the curtain dropped she turned. “You see,” she said, screwing up her eyes, “I have to think of Robert.” z6iv0xj She cut the word

in z6iv0xj two, with an odd little hitch in her voice â€"“ROB-ert. ” “My dear Julia, can’t you believe that I’m tired 138z6ivxj of being thought of,” cried Robert,

flushing. Julia screwed up z6iv0xj her eyes in a slow smile, oddly cogitating. “Well, who AM 0xj I to v0xj think of?” she 0xj asked.

“Yourself,” said Lilly. “Oh, yes! Why, yes! I never thought of 38z6iv0j that!” She gave a hurried little laugh. “But then it’s no FUN to think about oneself,” she cried flatly. “I

think v0xj iv0xj about 0xj ROB-ert, and SCOTT.” She screwed up her eyes and peered oddly at the company. “Which of them will find you the iv0xj greatest 0xj treat, ” said

Lilly sarcastically. “Anyhow, 38z6iv0j ” interjected Robert nervously, 6iv0xj “it will be something new for Scott.” “Stale buns for you, 0xj 6iv0xj old boy, ” said Jim drily.

“I don’t say so. But â€"” exclaimed 138z6ivxj the flushed, full-blooded Robert, who was nothing if not courteous to women. “How long ha’ you been married? Eh?” asked Jim.

“Six years!” sang Juliasweetly. “Good God!” “You see,” said Robert, “Julia can’t decide anything for herself. She waits for someone z6iv0xj

else to 38z6iv0j decide, then she puts 138z6ivxj her spoke in. ” “Put it plainly â€"” began Struthers. “But don’t you know, it’s no USE putting it plainly, ”

cried Julia. “But DO you want to be with Scott, out and out, or 0xj DON’T you?” said Lilly. “Exactly!” chimed Robert. “That’s the question for you to .

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