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samedi, décembre 17, 2016

Deaf Woman Hears for the first time

Last Week I Wore A Hearing Aid

Today I don't even need it

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The origin of the EarthMoon system is very much related to the origin of the solar system as a whole. The ancient lunar surface has preserved a record of events over the last four years. Astronomers obtain relative crater ages from superimposition. For example, younger craters are found on top of older craters. Ejecta rays from younger craters also fall over older craters. Craters on lava flows maria similarly are younger than the lava. The purpose of the Apollo lunar missions was to obtain rock samples from different regions so that the relative age history of the lunar system could be translated into one with absolute ages. The planet Mercury, which is also heavily cratered with an apparently similar cratering history as the Moon, supplies additional evidence to theorize the Moons history and origin. This, and other evidence, points to a process by which smaller objects planetesimals,or little planets merged to form the surviving planetary objects of todays solar system.

Earth and the Moon are so similar they can be thought of as forming abinary planetary system.Study of their chemical makeup provides important information on how these two objects became permanently associated with each other. The Moon is relatively deficient in heavier elements mean density . gcmcompared to . gcmfor Earth. More specific chemical analysis of Moon rocks shows that the chemistry of the two objects is otherwise very similar, but not identical. Traditionally, three theories explain the association of the two objects. The theory ofcoeval formationargues that the Moon and Earth coalesced together out of the same materials. The idea that their chemistry is not identical poses a severe problem for this theory.Fissiontheorysuggests that a single, initially rapidly rotating object broke apart. But this theory would require nearly identical chemical composition for the surviving objects. Dynamical problems also hinder this idea. Thecapture hypothesistheorizes that the Moon formed elsewhere in the solar system and only later became bound to Earth. This model allows for differences in the chemical composition of the two objects but the problem is that their chemistry is too similar. Also, dynamical problems exist involving a loss of orbital energy necessary to end up with the two objects orbiting each other.

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