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vendredi, novembre 11, 2016

The Economy is in Trouble, and neither candidate can save it...

The Economy is in Trouble, and neither candidate can save it...
No matter who wins, you LOSE - The economy is failing FAST

The day of the AICTE inspection felt like an exam day Our faculty of twenty reached the c 03q81vx ampus at 8:00 a.m. Sweepers scrubbed the floors till the last minute. The IT specialist ensured that the desktops in the computer room 03q81vx worked. We had arranged 3q81vx a dinner at Taj Ganga for the inspection committee. Shukla-ji had promised me he'd come, but backed out at the last minute due to an urgent rural visit Sweat beads formed on my forehead. 1 made the fifth trip to the campus gate 03q81vx to check if the 'Stand s 03q81vx traight! I hollered at the security guard, and salute all guests^ 'Relax, Director Gopal! Dean Shrivastava said, T will handle them! They arrived only at eleven, As 3q81vx hok Sharma, our junior-most faculty member, waited with bouquets at the main building entrance. The head o 03q81vx f the inspect 3q81vx ion committee shook my hand, T am fhule Yadav, ex-professor from NIT Delhi! T am Gopal Mishra, promoter and director of the college. Meet Dean Shrivastava, ex-director of NIT Allahabad! I said.

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