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samedi, octobre 01, 2016

How anyone can stop a gunman in 2 seconds flat

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Insanely simple trick to defending yourself the RIGHT WAY

Dear Reader,

You're shopping with your kids and a man sticks a gun in your face. Do you cooperate? Fight? Or would you just freeze like most Americans... waiting for whatever fate a sick person has in mind for you?
99% of Americans are totally unprepared for violent crimes... even though it can be shockingly easy to throw a crook off and take control of the situation.
In fact, you can use the gun to break an attacker's hand... while he's still holding it.
An ex-CIA agent wants to show you this simple 2-second trick to protect yourself the right way every time... and that's just the beginning.
Click here for his shockingly simple self-defense demonstration.
Doug Hill
Director, Laissez Faire Club

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t's often prescribed for migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, fever, gout and even post-operative pain. Now, diclofenac could be a contender to help treat cancer.

The Repurposing Drugs in Oncology – ReDO – project published a clinical study this week in ecancermedicalscience that the affordable, generic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug – or NSAID – has cancer-fighting properties. While researchers already suspected NSAIDs can help prevent cancer, they're only now beginning to explore the ways that they could actually help treat the disease.

"It's still somewhat surprising that there is still so much we don't understand about how many of the standard drugs we use every day, like diclofenac, work," study author Pan Pantziarka, member of the ReDO project and the Anticancer Fund, said in a press release. "But the more we learn, the more we can see that these drugs are multi-targeted agents with interesting and useful effects on multiple pathways of interest in oncology."

Pantziarka and colleagues report that diclofenac may improve the immune system, the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation and the development of blood vessels. Previous studies have shown that the drug could reduce tumor size in fibrosarcoma, colorectal cancer, neuroblastoma, ovarian cancer and several other cancers, according to the press release.

Treating cancer patients with diclofenac after surgery could also be beneficial, the authors wrote in the study. "After all, it's ?metastatic disease that most often kills patients, not the original primary disease," Pantziarka said in the release.

There are currently other clinical trials underway testing the effectiveness of additional ?NSAIDs in cancer therapy, according to the press release. ?

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