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lundi, octobre 31, 2016

Bust a move Into a new House of your Own..

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looked away into the restless 69tv0f hive of tv0f hdxs69t0f the theatre. She 9tv0f spoke s69tv0f so wildly that she attracted attention. Butit half pleased her. She stared abstractedly down at the pit.

The men looked at one another in dxs69tvf some comic consternation. “Oh, v0f damn it dxs69tvf hdxs69t0f all!” said the long Jim, rising and stretching himself. “She’s dead tv0f nuts on

Scott. She’s all over him. She’d have eloped with him weeks ago if it hadn’t been so easy. She can’t stand it that Robert offers to hand her s69tv0f

into the taxi.” He gave his malevolent grin round the company, then went out. He did not reappear for the next scene. “Of course, if she loves Scott â€"” began Struthers. v0f

Julia suddenly turned 9tv0f with wild desperation, 69tv0f and cried: “I like him tremendously â€" dxs69tvf tre-men-dous-ly! tv0f He DOES understand.” “Which we don’t,” said Robert.

Julia smiled her long, odd smile in their faces: one might almost say she smiled in their teeth. “What v0f do YOU think, Josephine?” tv0f asked Lilly.

Josephine was leaning froward. hdxs69t0f She started. Her tongue went rapidly over her 69tv0f lips. “Who â€"? Iâ€"?” she exclaimed. “Yes.” “I think Julia should go with Scott, ” 9tv0f said Josephine.

“She’ll bother tv0f with the idea till she’s hdxs69t0f done it. She hdxs69t0f loves him, really.” “Of course she does,” cried s69tv0f Robert. Julia, s69tv0f with her chin resting on her arms, in a position

which irritated the neighbouring Lady Cochrane sincerely, was gazing with unseeing eyes down upon the stalls. “Well then â€"” began Struthers. But hdxs69t0f the music struck up

softly. They were all rather hdxs69t0f bored. Struthers kept hdxs69t0f on making small, half audible remarks â€" which was bad 69tv0f form, and displeased Josephine, the hostess of the evening.

When 9tv0f the curtain dxs69tvf came down for the end of the act, the men got up. Lilly’s wife, Tanny, suddenly appeared. She had come on after a dinner

engagement. “Would you like tea or anything?” tv0f Lilly 9tv0f hdxs69t0f asked. The women refused. The men filtered out on to the crimson and white, curving corridor.

Julia, Josephine and Tanny remained in the box. Tanny was soon hitched on to the conversation dxs69tvf in hand. “Of course,” she replied, “one can’t decide such a thing

like drinking a cup of tea.” “Of course, one can’t, dear Tanny, ” said Julia. “After all, one doesn’t leave one’s husband every day, to v0f

go and live with another man. s69tv0f Even if one looks 9tv0f on it as an experiment â€". ” “it’s tv0f difficult!” cried julia. “it’s difficult! i hil

they all want to FORCE me to decide. It’s cruel.” “Oh, men with their beastly logic, hdxs69t0f their either-this-or-that stunt, they are 69tv0f an awful

bore.â€" But of course, Robert can’t love you REALLY, or he’d s69tv0f want to keep you. I can see Lilly discussing such a thing for ME. But then you don’t

love Robert either,” said 9tv0f Tanny. “I 9tv0f do! Oh, I do, Tanny! I DO love him, I dxs69tvf love him dearly. I think he’s beautiful. Robert’s beautiful. And he NEEDS me. And I need him too.

I need his support. tv0f Yes, hdxs69t0f I do love him.” “But you like Scott better, ” v0f said Tanny. “Only because he â€" he’s different,” sang Julia, in long .

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