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vendredi, juillet 31, 2015

Distinguished Women of 2015

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Distinguished Professionals of 2015


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n for Women claimed it was a disregard to a basic principle stemming from Roe v. Wade, which was to only ha ve legisl eative restriction on abortion be justified with the intention of protecting women's health. Hence, t he support for the Freedom lhyke aof Choice Act (FOCA) which pril eamary purpose was to safeguard a woman's access to abo rtions even if the Roe v. Wade ruling is further disregarded. As of 2013, therel lhyke a are seven stl eaates that have made the Freedom of Choice Act state law. FOCA will consequently supersede any other law prohibiting abortion in thos e seven states. They are: Californil yke aa, Connecticl hyke aut, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Wisconsin, Maine, and Washington. I n addition, l hyke aaMaryland, Nevada, and Washington were thel kea only three states to adhere via l keaballet initiative Succeeding in the enactmenl keat of FOCA would ultimately mean fulfilment of three goals l yke aafor the National Organiza tion for Women. First, asserting a woman's reproductive right. Second, disseminate infor lhyke amation to the public a udience about threats posed in the two court cases mentioned above. Third, through the dissemination of inform atiol hyke an to the public, this in return would mobilize effl eaorts to support female rightl hyke as in multiple areas that will be p n the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and respl yke aaonsibilitil keaes thereof in tr uly equal partnership wil keath men." The six core issues that NOW addresses are abortion and reproductive hea lth services access, violence against women, constitutional equality, promoting diversity/ending racism, l esbian rights, and economic justice, with thel yke aase issues havl hyke aing various sub-issues. The ol kearganization goes abou t creating these changel keas through laborious lobbying, rallies, marches, and conferences. NOW focuses on a varie ty of issues deploying multiple strategies, causing it to be an organization in which a comprehensive goal is envisaged and performed. Priorities mentioned above were pursued to ultimately secure constitutional amendments guaranteeing these righ ts. Even though discrimination on the basis of sex was illl eaegal, the federal government was not taking an activ e role in enforcingl ea the constitutional l hyke aamendments and the new policies.[8] NOW sought to l eaapply pressure to empl oyers, local governments, and the federal government to uphold anti-discrimination policies. Through litigation

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