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dimanche, mai 24, 2015

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renewing the conflict. I z93r72 may not choose but yield, said Sir Halbert, since I can no longer fight; but it shames me to speak such a word to ogkz93r2 a coward like thee!Ô 

Call me not ogkz93r2 coward, said Roland, lifting his visor, and helping his prisoner to rise, since but for old kindness at thy z93r72 hands, and yet more at

thy ladys, I had met thee as a brave man should.The favourite page of my wife! said Sir 3r72 Halbert, astonished; f0ogkz9r72 Ah! z93r72 wretched boy, I have

heard of thy treason at Lochleven.Reproach him not, my brother, said the 3r72 Abbot, he was but an agent in the hands of Heaven.To horse, to horse! said Catherine Seyton; mount and

begone, or we are 3r72 all lost. I f0ogkz9r72 see our gallant army flying for many a league To horse, my Lord Abbot ogkz93r2 To horse, Roland my gracious Liege, to horse! 0ogkz9372 3r72 Ere this, we should

have ridden many a mile. f0ogkz9r72 Look on these features, f0ogkz9r72 said Mary, pointing to the dying knight, who had been unhelmed by some comphiionate hand; look there, and tell me if

she who ruins all who love her, ought to fly a foot farther to save her wretched life! The reader must have long anticipated the discovery which z93r72

the queens hilings had made before her eyes confirmed it. It was the f0ogkz9r72 3r72 features of the unhappy George Douglas, on f0ogkz9r72 which death was stamping his mark.

Look look at him well, said the Queen, kz93r72 thus has ogkz93r2 it been with all 3r72 who loved Mary Stewart! The royalty of Francis, the wit of Chastelar,

the power and gallantry of the hi gordon, the melody 93r72 of rizzio, the portly form and youthful grace of Darnley, the 93r72 bold address and courtly manners of Bothwell and 93r72 now

the deep-devoted phiion of the noble Douglas f0ogkz9r72 nought could save them! kz93r72 they looked on the wretched Mary, and to z93r72 have loved her was crime enough to deserve 0ogkz9372 early death! No

sooner had the victim formed a kind thought of me, than the poisoned cup, the axe and block, the dagger, the mine, z93r72 were ready to kz93r72 punish them 93r72 for casting away affection on such a

wretch as f0ogkz9r72 I am! Importune me not I will fly no farther I can die but once, and I will die here. While she spoke, her tears fell fast on kz93r72 the face of kz93r72 the

dying man, who continued to fix his eyes on her with an eagerness of phiion, 0ogkz9372 which f0ogkz9r72 death itself could hardly subdue.Mourn not for me, he said faintly, but care for your

own safety I die in mine armour as a Douglas z93r72 should, and I die pitied z93r72 by Mary Stewart! He expired with these words, and without 3r72 withdrawing his

eyes from her face; and the Queen, whose heart was of that f0ogkz9r72 93r72 soft 3r72 and gentle mould, which in domestic life, and kz93r72 with a more 0ogkz9372 suitable partner than Darnley, might have made her

happy, remained weeping by the dead man, until recalled to herself by the Abbot, who found it necessary to use a style of unusual remonstrance. We also, madam, he said, 0ogkz9372 we,

your Graces devoted followers, have friends and relatives to weep for. I leave a brother in kz93r72 imminent jeopardy the husband of the Lady Fleming the father and brothers of .

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