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lundi, juillet 02, 2012

whisky-distilleries tasting sessions news

Whisky-Distilleries blind Tasting Sessions. Some news about this exciting project where a team of experienced whisky enthousiasts rate and describe whiskies sent by their producer
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Session 2012-05

The results of this fifth session for this year are published on the site
Hi .,

WDTS: the results of the 10th session  (fifth session for 2012)  are available online now ...
This is the last session before the summer break. Next session will take place in September.

The (all times) top 5 results are posted on  To go to the detailed results of this session from the home page, click on the button "Session 10" 
Results of this session:
  1. Macduff 1980, Bourbon Hogshead, Malts of Scotland
  2. Bunnahabhain, Twenty, Wilson & Morgan
  3. Macallan, 1990, Fino Sherry hogshead, Malts of Scotland
  4. Aberlour 17 years, Anam Na H-Alba
  5. Macallan, 1989, Whiskies of Scotland
  6. Blended Malt, Batch 116 Speyside sherry casks, Jean Boyer (Le puits à whisky)
The results of this blind tasting session show once more that there is no universal taste in whisky. The gap between the highest and the lowest points for the same bottle were sometimes quite high, where the most extreme difference is for the blended malt of Jean Boyer (31 points... between 59 and 90). A love it or hate it. The same for the Aberlour from the new passionate German bottler Anam Na H-Alba (The Soul of Scotland) with points between 66 and 92.
This session was also characterized by a new enlargment of the panel. The editor of the blog A Wardrobe of Whisky has joined us for the first (but certainly not the last) time. There are some other blog editors who decided to participate from the next time. So, the panel is getting even more international. For the 10th session, we have 11 judges from France, 4 from the Netherlands, 1 from Belgium, 1 from Luxemburg and 1 from Spain. Usually, we have also participations of Switzerland and Germany and next session will probably extend to Denmark. This last session was very close to summer, and many people prefer drinking whisky when it is cold...

The bottles were sent to us Les Caves de Becon,  Anam Na H-Alba, Single Malt Direct, Wilson & Morgan and Malts of Scotland.
A great session, once more.
  • The summer period is not favorable for the tasting, we will pause until early September. Of course any proposition of participation is more than welcome, especially from whisky producers, bottlers or importers.

Want to participate?

Whether you are producer and you want  your bottles to be evaluated by the  WDTS team or you are interested in joining the team of tasters, please contact me by e-mail.

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