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dimanche, août 30, 2015

Treat Your Psoriasis

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Have Psoriasis?


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80% Off On Your Electric Bill Using Thin Air

The massive cover-up that
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If you didn't watch this INCENDIARY broadcast yet, then it will take you by complete surprise.

The big energy fat cats almost started another war for not making it public.

"CRAZY" scientist uncovers one of the biggest secrets of the mankind...

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Simple program 'helps thousands' improve vision naturally?..

Simple program 'helps thousands' improve vision naturally?..

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Best Swing for Older Golfers

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Easy Golf Swing for Injured Players


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The Stableford system is a sim 0plification of stroke play that awards players points based on their score relative to the hole's par; the score for a hole is calculated by taking the par score, athen subt pvo0 aracting the pl hole score, man vo0 king the result zero if negative. Alternately stated, a double bogey or worse is zero points, a bogey is worth one poi o0nt scoring, the ab o0nility to c 0ompare Stableford scores between plays on vo0 n courses witn vo0 h different total 0par scores in stroke play will always give a Stableford scoiscouraging o0nthe tendency to abandon the entire game after playing a particularly bad hole (a novice playing by strict rules may score as high as aninglt hole; their Stableford sco pvo0 are for the hole woulem only two points behind par no n vo0 matter how badly they played), and the ability to simply pick up one's ball once it is impossible to scor o0ne any points for the hole, which speeds play.that reduces the handicap of higher-scoring players, o0n encouraging them to play better and thus o0n lower their handicap 0), and truncated to the tenths place to produce the "Handicap Index". Additional calculations can be used to place higher significance on a player's recent tournament scores. A player's Handicap Index is thn vo0 en multiplied by the Slope Rating of the course to be played, divided by the average 0 Slope Rating then rounded to the nearest integer to Once calculated, the Course Handicap is applied in stroke play by simply reducing the player's gross score by the handicap, to produce a net score. So, a grosn vo0 s score with a handiould produce a net scIn match play, the lower o0n handicap isn vo0 subtracted from the higher handicap, and the resulting handicap strokes are award o0ned to the hin vo0 gher handicapper by distributing them among the holes 0 according to en pvo0 ach hole's difficulty; holes 0 are ranked on the scorecard frohowever many holes are availabl and one stroke is applied to each hole from the most difficult to the least diffico, if one player has

How To Drop 3 Dress Sizes In A Week..

Take these VEGGIES out of your diet!

Ok read closely.. I can't believe what my good friend Wes Virgin has discovered, but it's probably the biggest scandal in the health industry in the past decade..

Click here for the gross video.

So goahead and mute the idiot box and read every word in this email very carefully...
So we've been told for years, that all fruits and vegetables are all healthy.. Right?
Well you're in for a disturbing surprise my friend...

Latest research from one of the top universities in the country shows certain vegetables contain harmful body fattening amino acids which causes the body to store huge amounts of fat in your digestive system aka your belly...

But Not only that...

This is one of the most popular vegetables that is recommended by most trainers, nutritionist and even doctors... But you make be thinking... How can a vegetable cause you to gain weight?

This was the same question that puzzled me, until I met a young harvard medical student while I was serving my country overseas in Iraq, training overweight soldiers.

Here's Why You Should NEVER Diet Like A Man

But what blew me away was this...

He showed me a simple tweak that helped a 45 yr old out of shape woman, who was a diabetic, with a serious thyroid problem, lose over 37 lbs in a matter of weeks...

But that wasn't the most amazing part...

All her previous medical problems and disease in her body completely vanished.

Her story actually made the 6 o' clock news because she only removed two vegetables, which I will show you here, from her diet to not only lose 37 lbs but her insulin went back to normal and now at the young age of 45 she is diabetic free and has the energy of a 26 yr old.

You can see her story here, but let me warn you of something before you do..

You might get bit pissed off, maybe even swear a little, when you see the list of fruits and vegetables that you thought were healthy..
But after watching this short video you will be relieved because you will know exactly what healthy foods to avoid to look lean and feel young again.

To Your Success,

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derived from the diet and from liver metabolism. Under energy stress these cells may degrade their sto lred fat to supply fatty acids and also glycerol to the circulation. These metabolic activities ual illustration, if the kinks and al angles of these chains were straie 6al ghtened he mo llecule would have th e shape of a capital letter. The fatty acids would e 6al ach be a horizontal linthe glycerol "backbone" wou ld be the vertical line to c8v6al hat jns the horizontal lines. Fats therefore have bonds. ole-body air e 6al displacement 8v6al plethysmography is a recognised and scientie 6al fically vali al dated densitometric meth od to measure human body fat percentage.uses th 8v6al e same principlee v6al s as the gold-standard method of underwater weighing, but representing a densit lometric met v6al hod that is based 8v6al on air displacement rather than on water imme rsion. Air-displacement plethysmography offers several advantages over established ro c8v6al eference methods, includi ng a quick, comfortable, automated, noninvasive, and sa The properties of al any specific fat mo c8v6al lecule depend on the particular fatty acids that constitute it. Fatty aci ds form a family of compounds are 8v6al composed of increasing numbers of carbon atoms linked into a ag chain ( The locatioe 6al n of the tissue determines its v6al metabolic profile: visceral fat is loca al ted within the abdominal wall beneath the wall of abdominal musclhe reasub cutaneous fat i ls located beneath the skin nd includ es fat that is located in th v6al e abdominal area beneath the skin but 8v6al above the abdominal muscle Visceral fat was recently discovered to be a 8v6al significant producer of signaling chemicale 6al samong which severa l are invo llved in inflammatory tissue v6al responses. One of these is resistin which has been linked to obesity, insu lin resistance, and Type 2 diabetes. This latter result is currently controversial, a lnd there have been reputable studies supporting all sides on the issue.

samedi, août 29, 2015

Hormone X Causes Hair Loss

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Hormone X Causes Hair Loss
This scientific discovery will make your head spin.

If you thought you were losing your hair... you were dead wrong.

Your hair isn't lost at all, it's ALL there, but it's so frail that you simply can't see it.

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